Obedience training is essential in helping create happy, confident and well-mannered dogs. At Dundee K9 we employ the latest training techniques that respect  your dogs natural instincts and responses. this allows your dog to learn quickly and permanently. We never use shock collars or clickers. Your dog doesn’t like them and neither do we.

Our loose leash method is both kind and highly effective and, we believe is the fastest path to what you and your dog want. You want your dog to be well behaved and responsive to your commands and your dog wants to know what you to be his/her leader and for you to let him know what you want in a way he can understand given his command of the English language isn’t quite up to yours.

You’ll be surprised how fast your dog can learn when you train him in ways he can easily grasp.

Group Obedience & Socialization Classes

In this 5 week course, we cover all of the basic Obedience Commands, Socialization, as well as solving any behavior problems that your dog may be having.

5 Lessons – $99

Meets Thursdays 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Private Lessons at our Facility

We will address and teach you how to correct any behavior problems your dog has, as well as learning the basic obedience commands and manners.

1 Lesson – $39
3 Lessons – $109
5 Lessons – $175

Call to schedule an appointment at your convenience

Private In-Home Lessons

These lessons will enable you to establish control over your dog both on and off leash. The off leash portion of our program is extremely important since your dog doesn’t live on a leash. Dogs that learn to listen on leash are only half trained. The key to solving behavior problems is an understanding of what motivates your dog to act inappropriately plus knowing the proper, effective methods for eliminating those types of behaviors. When training is done with kindness and affection, it will frequently increase your dogs confidence.

1 Lesson – $69
3 Lessons – $179
5 Lessons – $269