Dogs Love the Freedom of In-Ground Fencing


If you have a big yard and no fencing, invisible* fences are the best way to allow your dog the freedom to enjoy the big yard while remaining within your set boundaries regardless of possible distractions.

We install the very best in in-ground fencing by PetSafe, SportDOG and Innotek.

INVISIBLE FENCEinvisible fenceinvisible fence

*NOTE: A fence that’s installed under the surface of the ground cannot be seen and therefore is considered an “invisible fence.” This is not to be confused with the Invisible Fence™ Brand which is a national chain of franchises with professional sales people who must visit your home before providing a quote for installing their system. All our reference to invisible fencing here and elsewhere on this site, unless displaying the ™ symbol, are references to the visibility of the installed fences and not referring to the trademarked brand of Invisible Fence™.

If you’re considering purchasing an Invisible Fence™ brand in-ground fence, we encourage you get their quote first and then call us and compare. We’re convinced you’ll discover that our invisible fences are of equal or better quality, offer greater flexibility, are installed by a professional and, perhaps most importantly, your beloved dog is going to be introduced to his/her new freedom fence by a highly experienced professional dog trainer instead of someone who took an online course for a few hours. Believe us when we tell you, your dog will appreciate the difference.


Brand/ModelPetSafe In-Ground FencesInnotek In-Ground FencesSportDOG In-Ground FencesInvisible Fence Brand
Approximate Installed CostFrom $799From $799From $799From Approx $1,500
Acres Covered1/3 - 25 acresUp to 25 acresUp to 100 acresUp to 25 acres
Collar battery/rechargableBoth availableboth availableStandard 9vProprietary battery
only available from
Invisible Fence Dealer
Pet Training IncludedYes
Professional dog Trainer
(when installed by Dundee K9)
Professional Dog Trainer
(when installed by Dundee K9)
Professional Dog Trainer
(when installed by Dundee K9)
Yes but only by
Invisible Fence
employees with
a minimum of 8 hours
training instead of
an experienced
professional dog trainer.
Customer can
adjustable correction
Battery replacement
Proprietary or any brand
any (around $4)any (around $4)any (around $4)Proprietary (around $20)



The folks at big box pet stores tell us regularly how people often return their invisible fences because they can’t figure out how to install them so they work properly. Since we’ve never installed an invisible fence that didn’t work properly, we’re confident we can get your system working properly too.

So, if you’ve already purchased your invisible fence and want it installed professionally, or are having difficulty getting yours installed and working properly, then give us a call or contact us today. If you prefer to choose and purchase your system we’ll be more than happy to install it for you and introduce your dog(s) to it properly.

We’re experts with all these systems and can help you pick the one that’s just right for you.