Douglas Ritter, owner of Dundee K-9, has been a professional dog trainer for over 30 years.

Doug uses the latest humane training techniques and teaches new and long time dog owners how to train their dogs to become sociable and obedient. He also consults with pet owners to help correct serious behavior problems in their dogs. He offers both group and private lessons and, when the situation calls for it, Doug also makes house calls to properly diagnose a behavior issue and to facilitate the necessary corrections.

In addition to training dogs and their owners, Doug regularly volunteers his time and expertise helping homeless un-adoptable dogs become more social and obedient and, as a result, more adoptable.

Doug firmly believes that most dogs bite out of fear, so socializing is a major component of learning obedience. His remarkable ability to turn around even the most difficult cases is well known within the dog rescue community and they recommend him regularly to new adoptive parents of rescue dogs.

Whatever issues you might be experiencing with your dog, whether a puppy, a long time family member or a new addition to your family, Doug can help improve your dog’s behavior and happiness with the proper training of both you and your dog.

Contact Doug today to begin your journey to a more obedient dog.