Group class
Is a 5 week class,  we meet one day per week,  
each class is 1 1/2hr long.
We cover all of the basic Obedience Commands,
Socialization, as well as solving any behavior
problems that you may be having.
The cost is

Private lessens
We can address any behavior problems, as well as
obedience commands and manners.
The cost is
$39, 1 day.  $109. 3 day.   $175. 5 day.

In-home programs
Programs enable you to establish control over your
dog both on and off leash.  
The off leash portion of our program is extremely
important since your dog doesn't live on a leash.
Dogs that learn to listen on leash are only half trained.
The key to solving behavior problems is an
understanding of what motivates your dog to act
inappropriately plus knowing the proper, effective
methods for eliminating those types of behaviors.
When training is done with kindness and affection, it
can frequently increase your dogs confidence.
The cost is
$69, 1 day.  $179. 3 day.   $269. 5 day.
Behavior Modification programs
Should include Private lessons as well as  group classes.
Group classes are the best way for your dog to learn
how to interact with other animals and people.
Specializing in
Behavior problems
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