Dundee K9 is place where you can learn how how to train your dog using methods that are both kind and effective. In almost every case, dogs want to learn and their basic nature is to be part of a family (pack) and to follow the rules established by the leaders of that family. All your dog wants is to be taught in a way that is compatible with both it's abilities and it's limitations. At Dundee K9, we use proven techniques that respect your dog's ability and desire to learn and follow your lead. You'll be amazed with what you can accomplish using our simple yet effective methods. Contact us today to discuss your dog's particular issues or to join our next group class.

Obedience Training

Obedience training is essential in helping create happy, confident and well-mannered dogs. At Dundee K9 we employ the latest training techniques that respect  your dogs natural instincts and responses. this allows your dog to learn quickly and permanently. We never

Behavior Modification

While it’s always preferable to train a dog as a puppy, there are many situations where your dog has grown into adulthood without proper obedience training and, as a result learned some undesirable behaviors. This is particularly true when you


Socializing your dog is an essential part of any training. Socialization is best taught during your dog’s puppy phase as they adjust much easier than once they become adults. Nonetheless, socialization is essential in adult rescue pets as well and

In-Ground Fencing

Dogs Love the Freedom of In-Ground Fencing SAVE HUNDREDS OF $$$ VS “INVISIBLE FENCE™” BRAND WITHOUT SACRIFICING QUALITY OR FEATURES If you have a big yard and no fencing, invisible* fences are the best way to allow your dog the

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